The Palimpsisters are aburdists. Combining Atomic Uke's musical talents and Sally's skills as a dancer. The Palimpsisters are keen to work in collaboration with experts. Their first collaboration has been with Tim Lang, Professor of Food Policy.

Drowning Not Waving premiered in Croydon at Tempting Failure 2018 and went on to perform for two nights only at Greenside @ Infirmary Street on Thursday 9th Aug and Friday 10th Aug.


Drowning Not Waving is available to tour Spring/Summer 2020 (with a short development period planned in January, once the outcome of Brexit is known).


Drowning Not Waving.Tempting Failure 18

International Festival of Performance Art and Noise Art

Spread Eagle Pub and Theatre. Croydon

Photo Credit: Thomas J Bacon

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