Drowning Not Waving amplifies the echoes of the gravitational waves of the big bang of '92 with the hopes and dreams of successive generations. As the pedestal of the European project continues to crumble, what can Generation X'ers offer the New Millennials?


Reconciling their own stunted hopes for the future of Europe, whilst accepting the roles each of us have played.

Drowning Not Waving exposes the absurdity of the failed Empire.


The final thaw of Cool Britannia.

Drowning Not Waving - part gig theatre, part performance lecture, drawing heavily on the live art tradition.



A DJ, a Raver and a Professor of Food Policy, join forces to explore the biggest political issue of our time. Professor Tim Lang (City University London) and the Palimpsisters invite you on a journey through the rise and fall of Britain's food membership of the European Union.


Rewind to '92 and Brtiain has joined the EU whilst a cultural revolution is happening in fields on the outskirts of every UK city. Fast forward and the government is making plans to stockpile food.


Drowning Not Waving is a joyous live art, performance lecture inviting you to explore the end of our relationship wth the EU, from those who have made art, influenced food policy and danced their way way through the past 26 years of the European experiment.