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We are a Loughborough based performance collective, focussed on making art which defies artistic catergorisation, experimenting with form and content and drawing on our lifetime practice as Arts Educators.


The Jamboree Tent. Beside the Greenside: Our Fete in Your Hands 2013

Greenside @ Royal Terrace. Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Photo Credit: Atomic Uke

Happiest when subverting the accepted norms of cultured theatre, our work is playful

and anarchic. Deeply rooted in a philosophical ideology based on the writings of Derrida and his hauntological musings on our societies deepening obsession with the past, such as the prolific use of the term 'vintage'. In addition, the 'nostalgic' rose tinted glasses through which we, have an increasing tendancy to, gaze.


Our work has an innately humourous, satirical edge, honed from a lifetime's consumption of Britishness and fish and chips. Past exploits have dabbled with bunting, bingo, the village fete, the garden shed and the Queenie Tea.